Business Plan – Don’t Make This Common Mistake!

Do you remember to write down your business plan?I have recently spoken with one of prospective clients and we debated on the subject of planning. He is an accomplished photographer, having worked with plenty of Hollywood A-listers and British pop artists. He’s now venturing into wedding photography, and after launching a separate website for this niche, he finds to be working around a clock yet making no real progress.

After further examination I found that although he did put a lot of preparation into the business and performed all the research needed, he had never written it down. It was all ‘in his head’, yet not on paper. That’s a common mistake.

Focus on your big goal

I can relate to that, as with my previous business, an ecommerce store, I was working silly hours doing hundreds of things at once but not moving forward. I made a typical start-up error of not having a business plan.

You see, what they say is true: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can take a path one day, and then take a different path the next day. You will be making the same distance, doing twice the work and still be in the same place, even after days, weeks and months have passed.

Business plan gives you a direction

It tells you of the next step to take. You focus your efforts on one task at a time. Once it’s done, you move to the next. That way you work progressively towards your goal. A goal that is written down on paper (or saved in your laptop), to remind you which path to take, when you’re not sure what to do next.

I take this approach with my current business, and it pays off ten-fold. I have two separate documents –my 5-year plan and my business plan with monthly tasks. I know these little tasks are there to take me towards a big milestone by the end of the 5 year period. They translate the big goal and break it down into achievable little jobs I can do every day.

Break down the big goal into smaller tasks

For example, my January mission was to send 5 website pitches, 2 article queries and 5 resumes to marketing agencies each week. Also do regular blogging, research and self-education. That’s all! I didn’t set any larger goals – that would only discourage me.

It’s also the best and universal advice I found – and it works in business as well as any other targets you want to achieve. Just write down your big goal and then work out the step by step approach how to get there.

Business Plan – Don’t Make This Common Mistake!

Hard work – but someone has to do it!

PRESS RELEASE WRITINGI loved today’s task. I got to write a press release for an Australian fashion boutique. It’s a brand new online shop, opened just few days back. The owner, young lady, is new to the business and wanted to promote her store and inform the fashion magazines of her store as soon as possible. By the end of the day, old news is no news.

I haven’t written press release for years – so was dubious about this task. I thought it would take a whole day. But really, it took only couple of hours, including research. Being a new store, it only had few products. So I didn’t need to go through pages and pages of content. The owner, Elle, was nice enough to tell me about her background and how she got to design her clothes. Because she makes and designs all the frocks herself.

Elle said her main inspiration was another Australian boutique, which I had a pleasure to check. Now for me, a female, this project was like a fancy window shopping – with a cup of coffee in my hand. Or a scrolling on Pinterest, but you were actually getting paid to do it. Hard work – but someone has to.

Maybe I should extend my services to writing press releases from now on?

Hard work – but someone has to do it!

How to write well?

How to write wellWhen I started writing, I used to craft each sentence painstakingly until it was perfect, before moving on to the next one. Needless to say, writing took ages. Sometimes I needed two days to finish an article. Two days!

That of course was not good enough if I wanted to make a living out of it. By the end of the day, nobody was willing to pay two full day wages for a piece of article. Change was needed.

Stop editing

That’s when I decided to stop editing. No, not completely. Only in a first stage.

You see, I wanted to catch the natural flow of context, the personality and the thought process. Therefore I began writing without breaks – continuously. Only when the article was finished, then I was editing it. Not right away though. The best way to proof read is to close the document and take a break. Go for a walk, take the dog to a park, go jogging or just watch Dragon’s Den on your iPad. Your brain will be refreshed and you will look at your content with ‘new’ set of eyes – and see objectively what needs changing.

Don’t expect to write a perfect content

Perfectionism is as bad as procrastination. It is better to upload content ‘half-baked’ than not upload it at all out of fear of being judged. Can I tell you a secret? People won’t read your content as watchfully as you think. They will scan. And that imperfect word that you used? They won’t even notice…

How to write well?

Increase Social Media Impact on Business

increase social media impactWe all know of social media impact on business. Pinterest is now cited as a platform driving most valuable sales. Each site can bring a lot of traffic, if used to a full potential. So how can you make the most of your 140 characters (or less) to grab users’ imagination in a busy world of social media? There’s 4 simple tips to remember.

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