3 easy tips for homepage design that converts

I have recently completed website re-design for a client in Idaho. His online store Naturally Scotland, has only been launched three months prior and understandably he still had low traffic and moderate sales at that point. Andrew, the owner, reached freelance content strategist at Rock Paper Copy to re-write the website content and optimize it for the search engines.

I loved working on this project, as I’m a big fan of Scottish produce. The first thing I tackled was the homepage. For a store selling homemade cosmetics, it looked anything but. With bold header image of Scottish coast and an Ancestry page (small typo there too) it portrayed a site where you can trace your Celtic ancestors. I decided to change that and show all that land on the homepage they found an online store selling fragrant natural Scottish made cosmetics.

I followed a rule of 3 when re-designing Naturally Scotland homepage:

  • Simple
  • Focused
  • Authoritative

Let’s analyze them below:

3 tips for homepage design that converts

1. Simple

Home page has to be as straightforward and clean as possible. Clutter kept to minimum, simple navigation and easy to understand links. You confuse, you lose! In Andy’s case, homepage depicted deeply Scottish origins, yet mention of Free US shipping in the header was taking away from the true Scottish heritage.

Also ‘Experience Authentic Scotland’ didn’t give any clear idea to what this website is about – Scottish holidays? Weekend in a lovely coastal cottage in the photo? Or, suggesting by the Ancestry page, your source to re-connect with Scottish roots?

I have decided to re-size the stunning logo Andy already had and place it in more prominent top position. The navigation has been moved underneath and centered, with Catalog named to Shop (clear idea + call to action), Blog moved to the end as well as lengthy Free shipping to all orders in the US page re-named to simple Shipping.


Naturally Scotland homepage after1

2. Focused

A golden rule of a homepage design is to have ONE goal, one call to action. Don’t give customers a lot of options – you will only make their choice difficult and push them away. Remember – you confuse, you lose! We have enough of clutter and banners everywhere demanding our attention.

Currently best website designs are the ones with the cleanest navigation, no side banners and one call to action. Let people know what are they expected to do right away – do not leave them guessing what to do next.

That’s what inspired me to add only one call to action on a homepage – big bold Shop now in the main header. I also changed the image to represent most popular Scottish plant – lavender. That’s also one of the most frequently used ingredients in Andy’s cosmetics.

The image which I have sourced from royalty free website, matches the shop’s background and the logo perfectly, adding to the Naturally Scotland organic branding.


Offer plenty of specific info to build your authority

3. Authoritative

Show your customers you are an expert in your niche – and they should trust you. It is done with the right tone of voice, plenty of information and descriptive titles. Include as many details in product description and titles featured on a homepage.

Tell customers about the ingredients list. Mention who is manufacturer, how the production process looks like, why certain ingredients used in the cosmetics are so beneficial to the skin.

I have re-written all product titles and descriptions to not only include main long tail keywords (obtained in the research stage), but also to include as much specifics as possible (50% geranium, 180ml, 4oz etc.).

Don’t be generic with the titles, otherwise you risk leaving impression you don’t know that much about your products – and also implying that customers can’t trust you. Build authority by giving more specific info than you think.


Here we go – these are the three proven tips for a killer homepage that converts. Which one did you like best? Which are you going to implement next on your homepage? If you have any queries or would like to receive FREE website critique for your online shop, contact freelance content writers at Rock Paper Copy right now!


3 easy tips for homepage design that converts

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