Can you sell a Facebook page?

selling Facebook page

Well, this question has been asked on one of the web designer forums. I can see where the seller is coming from – they have started a business, launched a successful Facebook business page and acquired 6,000 ‘likes’ so far. Now, as they close the business down, they want to monetize on their hard work – and good kudos to them! But, is it as easy as that?


Part of the bigger package

By the end of the day, the Facebook page belongs to this particular business. I assume they are not selling it, as the Facebook page would be part of the whole package. So, is it moral to sell a business page in a defined niche to somebody else (with a different niche) in order to monetize on the ‘likes’?

In my opinion, it just won’t make sense. If you have followers who love your products, let’s say scented candles, they won’t continue with their loyalty if this page will switch owners and suddenly start posting about dog grooming. It is predictable – the likes might be there at the beginning, but even if they persist, they won’t translate into sales. By the end of the day, the same people who liked your scented candles, might not necessarily be dog owners, or be passionate about pet grooming.


Likes won’t translate into sales

So selling Facebook page (which technically you do not own) can only make sense if it sold as a part of business package – the business is taken over by somebody else, who is going to continue selling the same products in the same niche.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever considered selling your Facebook page on its’ own?

Can you sell a Facebook page?

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