We vs I in business writing

we vs IYou vs I? What is the best form to use in business?

I tend to shy away from using ‘I’ when writing a professional copy – ‘we’ just sounds more professional. But what about if you are a freelance designer or an artist? Will ‘I’ work better to create an aura of individuality and uniqueness?


‘I’ stands for individuality

‘I’ will make your client feel more special, by knowing their final product is meticulously created and looked after by a dedicated person. ‘We’ might spoil the effect as it will leave an aura of ‘mass-production’ or cookie-cutting.


‘We’ conveys security and trust

But ‘we’ works better in number of other niches. Financial and legal sectors belong here. You don’t want to leave your savings in the hands of a single person; matters handled by a regulated group are considered more secure. Therefore using ‘we’ when writing for these industries makes sense – it builds trusts and authority, essential in winning new clients. Even if you are working for yourself or just starting out, using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ can be more appropriate to make a right impression.

What is your opinion? Is ‘I’ vs ‘we’ a deal breaker when doing business with new companies? Comment below!

We vs I in business writing

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