Having Fling with Long Tail Keywords

Finding Long Tail Keywords for a Fling Footwear

James from Fling Footwear got in touch with freelance content writers at Rock Paper Copy to improve their SEO. His online store was in a competitive market – ladies heels – therefore he faced a fierce battle. Yet his SEO efforts focused around general keywords, which placed him firmly on the back pages of Google.


Google Keyword Planner

We started by running a thorough keyword research using Google keyword planner. We have put homepage link into the tool which derived automatically over 800 keywords. We focused on the ones delivering 500+ monthly searches. As James wanted to use these in his AdWords campaign, we picked the ones in lower PPC range (up to £0.50 per click).

That initial step gave us about 20 keyword phrases. We have then got rid of phrases that didn’t suit Fling shop – James didn’t have any blue heels or yellow boots, so any keywords that would deliver zero results were crossed off. That left us with 5 phrases.


Google Trends

Next step was to put these keywords into Google Trends to see how each performed in last few years – and what is the prediction for the nearer future. We discovered that three of the keywords had a really amazing potential, therefore decided to focus on these.

With these keyword phrases in tow, we headed to a Google itself. We began by typing each keyword phrase to discover what we are up against in terms of competition. Google delivers number of competing websites for each keyword. Therefore we decided to focus on the keywords with fewer competitors. That way James would be able to be found with his AdWords and not buried by millions of big brands.

Google suggest tool is a natural long tail keyword finder

Keyword suggest tool

Another great feature that Google gives you is that it suggests longer phrases as you type – it’s a natural Long Tail Keyword finder. You are able to discover your keyword phrase suggested by what other people type into Google – amazing tool, not to be overlooked!

Now that we had about 10 long tail keywords found through Google’s suggestion tool and with knowledge that each delivers less than 800k results, we headed back to Keyword Tool. Here we have typed the list of keywords for the final stage – monthly searches and PPC cost. That gave us our two final Long Tail Keywords – one with 4,400 and other with 880 monthly searches – to give James a competitive edge.


Don’t fight big brands in their own game

There’s no point throwing your AdWords money on keyword with millions of searches, if you know there are other big boys fighting for it too. You have to be smart and NAIL the small keyword. If you get to the first page for a niche keyword, all of the 880 monthly searches can be yours. Which means you will spend less on AdWords and get largest ROI – way to go!

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Having Fling with Long Tail Keywords

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