Secret of Best Website Design: Don’t Take it Personal!

dont take it personalLauren from Gift Bag Lab loved styling her website just like she did with her gift packages. Use beautiful font in delicate pale grey color along her striking photos. Unfortunately that was costing her sales. Why?

While the website looked stunning, it lacked usability. You see, the font Lauren used, while beautiful, was difficult to read. It was very small, elaborate and in pale shade against white background. Customers, while loving the photos and the idea of building the gifts in their Design Lab, were a bit lost while reading the content.


Personal style can kill your sales

It is a common issue when designing websites. I’ve been guilty of that myself. You see, when you are starting out in business, you take big proud in your store and want to make it the way you like – and that’s understandable. If you like purple shade, you want to have purple shelves against purple wall paper, finished with purple rug. But guess what, you will lose a big chunk of customers who actually prefer green – or orange – and hate purple!

That’s why you have to think of your customers first when building a business. What do they like? What colors work best to trigger positive emotions? What they value the most from the businesses? If done right, you will be speaking their language getting the response you are after.


Follow universal rules

Coming back to Lauren, when writing her copy, we opted to change the font to Verdana, considered the most readable. We darkened it few tones to stand out more and used smaller icons on extra pages so they don’t overwhelm the text.

The tone of voice on all extra pages was informative and to the point – letting customers find necessary info within 1 click. Lauren didn’t have a shipping page, therefore we created it including all delivery options available.

If you are about to open your first store, remember, don’t design it the way you like it. Create a universal palette, with all predicted ingredients in the right places: clickable logo, top and bottom navigation, hyperlinked email address etc. If you are not sure if your site is user friendly, give us a shout and we will give you a FREE website critique!

Secret of Best Website Design: Don’t Take it Personal!

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