Secret to Online Success: Specialize!

Why it's better to pick a niche when selling online

Mike emailed me this morning asking for a FREE website critique. He found my post in Shopify strategy Facebook group. In his email he also mentioned dilemma he’s facing – common to all businesses starting out.

Should he specialize and have a narrow niche or sell bit of everything – to everybody?

Why Specialize?

Now, that is a very good question. Also as old as trade itself. You see, as soon as you open a shop you want to sell as much as possible, so selling bit of everything is tempting. Washing powder along hair scrunchies and  DIY tools. It is best to cater for everybody, right?

Well, that’s actually wrong.

You see, as soon as you get customers looking for hair scrunchies, you realize that they might be looking for a different shade, texture and grip of the scrunchies to what you have. You might be selling black and white, but what if they want red or blue? Striped or sparkly? You lose more customers than you might realize.

Pick a narrow nichE

Let’s assume you decided to focus on hair scrunchies alone. You order 156 different kinds, from beaded ones, to feathered, slim, trimmed and over the top. Guess what? You will not only increase your chance of selling to the people looking for hair scrunchies, but also to other people shopping for any hair accessories. They will fall in love with your offering and add scrunchies to their collection – even if they have never used one before. Grannies will come to shop for gifts for their granddaughters as they know you have the biggest selection of scrunchies in town. Can you see where it’s going?

Focus, especially when selling online, is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition – and big brands. You do not want to compete on the price alone. By the end of the day, there will always be someone selling cheaper than you. But specializing in one narrow niche will bring you an online success you’re after.

Secret to Online Success: Specialize!

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