Ask an Ecommerce Business Analyst


The best way to learn is to do everything yourself. No doubt about it. You discover which words trigger sales, how color can affect your bounce rate and which #hashtags get more attention on Instagram.

I spent nine years learning all about online marketing, SEO, social media marketing, branding and consumer behavior. I can tell which things are going to work and which will sink – but that took me years to learn. Don’t wait that long and spend money shooting in the dark. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel!

Grab an opportunity to discuss your business concerns immediately with an Ecommerce Expert! I am an official Shopify Partnerspecializing in ecommerce, social media marketing and consumer behavior. I will assist you along the way, from start-up through all growth stages of your business.

You can discuss any concerns with me and get access to unlimited knowledge in the world of online selling. Simply book your first 1-hour consultation today and see how I can help your brand!

Ask an Ecommerce Business Analyst