Want To Lose weight? Walk, Walk, Walk!

Keep walking to lose weightIt’s my second week of the housesitting and I really enjoy it. Being in London has got its advantages; I love the hustle and bustle and the glamour of the big city! My only duties include feeding and walking the dog / cat and making sure the house doesn’t tumble down. So far so good.

I’m moving to Hatfield today (for 7 days), hence this post is rushed, and not as detailed as my regular posts. I need to pack and clean the house before leaving. But I wanted to stick to the allocated plan and craft a post, as per every Sunday & Thursday.

Over the past year I have been battling with my weight. I have rounded up at some point and then struggled to get back to shape. Jogging and near starvation seemed to be the only way forward. It’s worth to mention that I did have a car back then, which was in constant use – I drove almost everywhere, even to a local shop. It’s easy to connect the dots now…

Moving to London turned out to be a solution. I found myself walking at least an hour each day (taking the dog out, going shopping) – which appears to be an excellent work-out! I have started losing weight without even trying – I don’t even have to jog anymore. Not having a car has got the good points after all.

So if you are struggling with weight, ditch the expensive gym, and spend this hour walking – in the park, to work, shopping – it really is a simple yet underrated miracle worker!

Want To Lose weight? Walk, Walk, Walk!