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How to get back ex-wife

Your wife has moved out last month and you are desperately lonely. The house is empty and the silence is killing you every minute of the day. The bed is cold and nothing can replace her company.

But guess what: feeling sorry for yourself is unlikely to win her back.

Women and men process the break-up differently. Women suffer in the first stage, while recouping happiness and confidence later. Men, on the other hand, start off by feeling ecstatic about the freedom: no more whining about the toilet seat, no more complains, and no curfew!

But guess what, it quickly wears off, and they become miserable sooner or later.

Now – if you are reading this, you have entered the second stage.

Take action. The longer you wait, the more detached your wife becomes. She will soon shake off the sadness and start going out again. What if she meets somebody else?

Think of all things she loves – dancing, galleries, spa breaks? Guess what, you will need to show her you care and you actually have been paying attention to her all this time. Buy a pampering day in a spa for her and her friends – forget about yourself for now. Send it to her address with a bunch of roses and a little note saying how sorry you are. Leave it at that. It is a smooth beginning.

Call her a week later and ask if she enjoyed her spa. She didn’t use it yet? Don’t be surprised – she’s either still angry at you or not very materialistic (she’s a keeper). Invite her to offensively expensive restaurant she always wanted to go to, but you never found a time. She’s bound to agree.

Before meeting her, wear the tie she bought you, even if you still think it’s hideous. Have a shower, clean shave and iron your shirt. You don’t want to look sorry for yourself.

Be cool and relaxed – don’t get tempted to go all clingy or make her feel guilty for leaving you. Display the attributes she loved when she met you – confidence, intelligence, sense of humor…

Hold her hand and ask how she’s been – be interested in her feelings. Ask about friends and relatives – talk as if you are still part of a gang.

Reveal she’s very important to you, but don’t push her to make any decision yet. Women need time, she lost a trust in you, and that my friend, will be hard to regain. Be a gentleman, drive her home and kiss good night.

She’s now impressed by you, remembering all the wonderful moments you spent together. She doesn’t want to lose it as much as you. Let her compose her thoughts.

Few days later call and invite her to a 1950s theme dance party in a nearby town. Suggest going shopping for the dress beforehand. Have a great time dancing, make her laugh and maybe show few dance moves you learnt in a meantime?

Whatever you do, give her all she loves, until she decides herself she wants to get back to you.

Good luck!